My story…

Many of us have struggled - some for years - with weight problems. We've tried diets and have yo-yoed up and down, down and up - then further up - until we've pretty much accepted that it's just elusive.

Here's my story:

I've yo-yoed for years. Up down, up, down, up, up, up. I was out of control, wondering why my weight was going up - I really wasn't eating that much, and a lot of what I ate I thought was well-chosen. Finally I realized I was going to have to buy new clothes because I was bulging out of everything I had, and I became so discouraged that I finally just gave up. But then a thought came to mind. I took my problem to God. I told him that I had done all I know to do and was just packing on more and more weight. It occured to me that maybe he didn't want me to lose weight, maybe he'd call that vanity, and if so, then I'm finally going to just accept it. The next morning my daughter called me, all excited about her new diet. What stunned me was that she was a vegetarian, and she was switching to Keto. Keto??? Isn't that meat based???

After we got into the story, it became obvious that this was God's doing. ONLY he could have motivated her to leave the way she was  eating and go to the very opposite. And then she told me ...she had been praying for me because she knew how discouraged I was. And this was the answer. Then second daughter called (same day) and guess what ...SHE'S been doing Keto and she's lost tons of weight. She's a nurse and she said "Keto works!" I've walked with the Lord long enough to be able to discern when something is his doing, so I reluctantly agreed to give it a try. Now ...I was a huge carb fan. Everything I like is white. Everything! But if this was God's direction, his answer to my prayer of only 12 hours earlier, then I'd better follow through.

It's been six weeks and I've lost 14 pounds.

The problem all along has been that we haven't learned what the cause of being overweight is. If you don't change the cause, you'll fail every time.

This blog is where I want to share what DOES work. It takes a little work, and a huge change of diet ---- but  --- it works! If you've had the same kind of history as I have - give this a try. A huge plus is that this way of eating is HEALTHY. You'll see in the videos I'll share that these people lost huge amounts of weight - AND - their labs all came into the normal range. Cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure - all came down to normal.

I've collected the videos that motivated and helped me. Down 14 pounds in 6 weeks and feeling better than ever. Hope you'll jump in!